Congratulations To Keene Ice! First Round Of Keene City Council Approval Tonight

Keene Ice at Keene City CouncilCongratulations to Keene Ice! In a completely packed Keene City Council Chambers tonight (including out into the hallway), the Keene City Council finance and operations committee voted unanimously to approve the two agreements between the City of Keene and Keene Ice. The agreements now go to the full Keene City Council next Thursday for approval… but tonight was the big step to get this approval from the finance committee!

Congrats!  We as a city are now that much closer to having a year-round ice rink right here in Keene.

And… in looking at the drawings… there seems to be this “open storage space” behind the bleachers that looks like it could be enough room to hold some curling sheets!  A regulation curling sheet is about 150 feet long and 15-ish feet wide.  I don’t know the scale of the drawings… but it looks like that storage space is maybe 40-ish feet wide by 200 feet long, so probably only enough room for 2 sheets.  I know we said in our FAQ that we’re really looking for 3-4 sheets to be able to bring in the large bonspiels and a large number of members… BUT… that could be interesting!   I think we need to follow up with Keene Ice and see what possibilities might exist there… 

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