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Watch Olympic Curling Qualification LIVE This Week (Dec 10-15)

Want to see amazing Olympic-level curling live over the Internet?  The World Curling Federation is streaming the Olympic Qualification Event live via YouTube.  The schedule is online and runs from today, December 10, through Sunday, December 15, 2013. I saw part of the first Korea vs. Japan game today and it was excellent!

World Curling Federation Olympic Qualification EventThis is the first time this “OQE” event has been run as a way to identify the last two teams that will compete in the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Essentially, there are already 8 curling teams qualified for the Sochi Olympics and this event is a chance for everyone who hasn’t already qualified to potentially earn one of the last two spots. The USA already qualified for the Women’s event but the USA Men’s curling team is in this event vying for one of the two men’s teams.

Note that the times on the schedule of games are in Central European Time, which is currently 6 hours ahead of US Eastern time.

Tune in to watch some excellent curling!  And then… if you’d like to see the sport of curling brought to southwestern NH, help us get the word out and let us know you are interested!

Watch the US Olympic Curling Trials Live This Weekend (Nov 16-17) On NBC Sports Network

US Curling Olympic TrialsWant to watch some amazing curling on TV?  The US Olympic Curling Trials are happening today and this weekend in Fargo, North Dakota. They will be live on the NBC Sports Network channel.  The schedule of games seems to be this:

  • Friday, Nov. 15: 2:30 p.m., women’s playoff #1 and men’s playoff #1 (NBCSN, live TV)
  • Saturday, Nov. 16: 2:30 p.m. men’s playoff #2 (NBCSN, live TV)
  • Saturday, Nov. 16: 7 p.m., women’s playoff #2 (NBCSN, live TV)
  • Sunday, Nov. 17: 11 a.m., men’s playoff #3 (if required) (NBCSN live TV or rerun of Saturday show)
  • Sunday, Nov. 17: 2 p.m., women’s playoff #3 (if required) (NBCSN live TV or rerun of Saturday show)

More information can be found on the USA Curling website, as well as via their Twitter account, Facebook page and Google+ page.

P.S. And yes, the only coverage now is on NBC Sports Network.  There was a free live stream on the web but that was for all the games up until the playoffs.