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We need your help to bring curling to Keene and the Monadnock region!  Right now, we need to spread the word and gather a community of people interested in curling.  The best ways you can help are:

1. Connect with Monadnock Curling Club on social media – Help us show that people are interested in curling in the region by:

2. SPREAD THE WORD! Please share those pages and accounts to your own social circles – and please share/retweet/+1 any updates we post.  Tell people about the website. Mention “” to friends. Write up an article for the newspaper or some other printed publication.  Post a notice on a community bulletin board…  help us let people know!

3. Please fill out the form below to let us know your interest and experience. Thank you!

Please note – you do NOT need any curling experience! To make this happen we will need people with all sorts of expertise – people with backgrounds in organizing, marketing, legal, education, fund-raising, construction, design, coaching, artwork… you name it! All you need is a passion for wanting to see us have the sport of curling in the Monadnock region!

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